The Evolve Meter Pro:
One person one Evolve Meter

Take control of your own personal growth journey.

Elevating one’s Evolve Meter™ Pro by measuring, tracking, and evolving:

Hard (technical) skills

Soft (interpersonal) skills

Positive contributions to society

As each person’s Evolve Meter™ Pro evolves, this progress not only benefits them but also positively impacts other’s Evolve Meters™. It’s a chain reaction – when one person grows, everyone involved benefits.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we pioneer the world’s first Autonomous Self-Sovereign Identity on Web 4, enhancing digital trust (person-to-person) and personal data control.

Web 4.0 is about evolving the internet into a more dynamic, interactive, and responsible platform, one that empowers individuals and communities to contribute positively towards a sustainable world. 

Self-Sovereign Identity with biometric onboarding allows for 100% trust – no synthetic identities.


Lack of trust, collaboration and real-time investment in the education system.

The Evolve Meter™ Pro

Establishing an innovative parallel system that allows for:

  •  Direct provision
  •  Fulfilment of needs, or investment in a single child, teacher, and school in real-time.

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Self-Sovereign Identity

EvolveMeter™ Pro pioneers self-sovereign identity, ensuring autonomous control over information for individual ownership.

Shared Ownership

The platform actively involves users in co-ownership, fostering engagement and shared responsibility in steering its trajectory.

Unlimited Collaboration

 Our platform fosters positive interactions, facilitating a community-driven approach.

Purpose & Significance:

Reconnect with your inherent human value.

Financial Empowerment:

Earn from your involvement.


Inspire the world with your soft skills.

Positive Societal Impact:

Measure and amplify your contributions to society.