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Globally education systems are failing to meet the educational needs of children, teachers and parents.

The education systems are sluggish, lack personalization, have limited collaboration and suffer from low trust.

We need to address the root cause of failure in the education system, not just the symptoms. Otherwise, we are heading towards a catastrophic failure.

Introducing The Evolve Meter™ Pro

Personalized, Lifelong, Self-Sustaining, and Fully Inclusive Educational Support System

A digital tool that displays the individual educational needs of teachers, children and parents, enabling a global community to contribute, participate, fulfill, donate, or invest directly in what matters to them.

It provides a dynamic display of the needs and tracks the progress as it evolves.

The Impact

It fosters trust and enables limitless collaboration.

Inspiring unprecedented  involvement and investment in education.

Where do we start?

The Evolve Meter™ Core shows the needs of a school with 12 overarching categories, including the group needs of children and teachers.

How the Evolve Meter™ Core works:

Do you want to invest in a school?

Activated Evolve Meters™

Investors Fulfiling School Needs

The Evolve Meter™ Pro powers the following initiatives:

Grasp the future of education and engage in real-time interactions with your child

Redefine your value and status

Take control of your education and have a voice in the education process

The Evolve Meter™ Pro empowers schools, teachers, parents, children, EdTech solutions, unions, school governing bodies, the private sector, NPOs, NGOs, PBOs, & the government, making winners of all involved!

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